Progress is definitely a good thing…


.., in the studio anyways. LoL! I know in my last post, I had said my mojo was gone. Which you all seemed to disagree with, thanks so much for the kind words and encouragement. Now that a week has passed, I do say that I agree with you guys! ;-)

Superman is coming along rather nicely and another mindless quilt keeps sneaking in for a bit of that progress too. I work a section of superman and then run a seam of the mindless one in between. Sadly, the mindless one is nothing more than a jelly race quilt but I am making it out of the 2.5″ strip tub so it is very scrappy. This one I started just to get some type of flow going again. I just started grabbing strips and sewing them end to end for over 2 hours. I didn’t realize just how many strips you could sew in that time! That first seam took forever!! But now the seams are running about 15 mins to sew and so far it measures 32.5″ but, looks to finish at approx. 66″ x 72″. Sounds like it may be a decent size for a throw or even a twin, if I add some borders. Not bad for mindless sewing, eh? However, it really didn’t make much of a dent in the tub so I may have to make a few more like this. LoL!

Maybe after I get the 2.5″ tub downsized, I will hit the 1.5″ bucket and see what I can get out of that one. Those strips are a lot smaller which will make the quilt even more scrappy than this one. Oh well, fun-fun and takes no math, designing or thinking. That I like!

So, here are a few pics. Superman and a preview of the Mindless one:



I must admit, I have never started a quilt without a plan and never from the center out! Superman is all of those. After finishing what ya see above, I did sit down and draft a number chart of the remaining sections so I don’t mess it up. This was after having to frog 2 rows. Better late than never, eh? ;-) I’m pretty excited to get it done and see what I have come up with by winging it to begin with. Best part of all? The gal this is being made for, loves it! Now that’s what I call a win-win.

Up this coming week, hmm. I want to get more done on these 2 and then head back to the treadle to finish the double Irish Chain. All 3 of these will be Christmas gifts so time is running fast. No problem, I work best on deadlines. Remember the Hugs & Kisses quilt here: ? LoL, I sure do!

Til next time, Happy Quilting!


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  1. What great results!! Love that you are working on two at once. The mindless sewing is really fun! Listen to the music of your head, or the radio or the television! Inspiring me to create something clever out of all my scraps in the bin. Did you reach in and grab with your eyes closed??

    • Not really with closed eyes, just reached in and whatever came out was next in line. It was truly mindless and relaxing, I encourage everyone to try a quilt like this even if it’s just one time. The results are truly a surprise!

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