Slow going “Mojo”


Yeah, I am still trying to find my mojo and it is just not quite there… yet. Even starting a new project just didn’t do it but, I am still trying. Sometimes it’s just hard to get with the flow, ya know? So anyways, this is the new one I am working on. It is not in any way perfect, considering this quilter just can not draw a straight line, let alone quilt one! But, I will not let that little discrepancy stop me from trying it anyway. I started with a web site that teaches you how to draw anything and everything superhero related. Someone wants a Superman quilt, mixed with her fave colors of blue. Easy combination since the logo has blue for the background. I figure the logo will be the center medallion on a trip-around-the-world done in blues. I went from this:



Which took 4 hours to get drawn. I think for me, this is pretty darn close to what it should look like. LOL!! So, how to put it in fabric? That was actually the “easy” part, once I had a base I was happy with. Took bright yellow-ish gold and appliqued the “S” in a nice red. Then satin stitched the black edges, bordered the whole logo in black solid then added a gorgeous blue to make it a shape I could work with. The logo finished at 24″ x 27″, roughly. I still have the TATW to finish but am off to a pretty good start. I cut my squares for the TATW at 3.5″ and being the nerd that I am, will piece these one at a time following my sketch. I don’t like to strip piece as it’s easier for me to get my seams right if I do them one at a time. No wonkiness then and any that may be there is easy to ease out. So here is the finished logo:


Not too bad for someone that is in no way able to draw straight lines, eh? ;-)

As you can see, Harry Potter is still in progress. Very s-l-o-w progress but it has only been in the works since April of 2010. While paper piecing is great for accuracy and extremely small pieces, it is so very time consuming! Hubby keeps adding more and more things he wants in that quilt so I may just never get it done. As I go along with the HP quilt, I do find myself re-doing certain blocks to make them tie in better. Sometimes scrap quilts are just too scrappy and don’t really blend well, imho. ¬†Maybe another 3 years and it will actually be ready to quilt..?

So, that’s what I’ve been doing. I love seeing what everyone else has been up to, it does help with inspiration, even if the mojo necessary to get going isn’t quite there. Thanks so much to all of ya that share your blogs and projects!! Happy Quilting!!


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