A Finish, finally!


Have ya ever been so relieved to just finish something? I finished the dreaded silk quilt and still just don’t like it. But it’s done and my son will love it and that’s all that truly matters. Right? Then why do I still feel inadequate about this quilt? Mayhaps because it was so outside my “box”, or maybe just because the materials used just totally suck to work with? I am thinking the latter and can’t wait to toss the 2 bags that are left. LoL! Out of sight, out of mind eh?

Although, I do have to say this: It survived a washing beautifully. I was so convinced that washing it would make the seams all ravel out and it would literally fall apart in the washer. But it didn’t and I am happy about that. So, here is the final pic you will see of it, :



Yes, it’s hanging sideways. It finished at 60″ x 70″, which is plenty for a couch quilt for my 6′ son. I used a meander on the body with loop-de-loops in the border. It is a bit stiff from all the quilting but still has some flex in it. 

Now that this one is done, I seem to have hit a rather bad slump. Just don’t feel any vibes and the fabric has stopped talking to me. :-( This does happen to me from time to time but still bites when it happens. Instead of a quilty project, I went back to my crocheted top. This is going pretty good and looks like it should at this point, considering this is a new area for me. Here is my progress so far:


I am using a pattern out of a book from 1985 called “A Treasury of Crocheted Sweaters”. So far I can say the Crab Stitch is not one I enjoy! The effect is nice but the stitch is damn hard to get going on a row. Once I get about 5 in to the row, they do get easier. It is half done now. This pattern is worked in one piece with a separate yoke. I am anxious to see how it comes out. Just like quilting, some days are a breeze while others are very trying. 

On a side note, the last 10 days I have been busting my butt on a weight-loss journey. Goal is 30 lbs but more important to me is getting tone, even if the 30 stays. I am finally putting the Total Gym we got 2 yrs ago to good use! Watching the calories seems to be the hard point for me though. Who knew I was drinking most of my 1200 goal in Mountain Dews? I went from 6 a day down to 2, maybe 3 while increasing my water intake and eating small frequent meals and snacks instead of just one big meal a day. I have lost 1.6 lbs already with just these diet changes. Believe it or not, I get the biggest “bang for my buck” doing an old Richard Simmons Sweating to the Oldies video! I literally sweat buckets. It’s amazing, and I feel so motivated and energized. So in my opinion, it’s all win-win.

Today is Halloween, and this is what will be leaving my house to get some goodies tonight:



Daughter and grandson will be haunting the ‘hood. Too funny! 

Hope ya’ll have a great Halloween and get lots of treats! Happy Quilting.



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  1. I am sorry to ‘hear’ of your feelings about this finish…..I have been there myself, though. You are smart to change directions for a bit. I must say, I really like your finish and know that silk is not always the friendliest of fabrics to work with (I just bought several pieces to use in a future quilt). Your crochet project is coming right along!!! Hugs…….

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