Still stitching, how ’bout you?


Yep, I’m still working on several things. All at the same time it seems! I am just under 3/4 of the way through quilting on the silk quilt for my son. I still hate this one, working with it that is, but it seems to get harder to finish the farther I get on it. Do ya ever have a project like that? Here is a pic of it basted and ready to quilt:


I am a huge fan of glue basting for quilting on a DSM but.., had to resort to spray basting this one as the glue and silks just weren’t playing nicely together. I do NOT like spray basting, that gunk gets everywhere!! And the smell… GAH! However, ya gotta go with what works and it does work.

So, it was basted and then it just sat some more until I could figure out how I wanted to quilt it. Not like another few days would make a difference at this point, it’s been a WIP for years already. After much searching, drawing, and tons of doodles I just decided to meander all over it. Still haven’t figured out a design for the border just yet but, I am sure I will by the time I get to it. Originally I was gonna back it in a white silk but that fizzled after seeing the damage the cat did to that piece! **NOTE** DO NOT LEAVE FABRICS LAYING OUT FOR KITTIES TO FIND!! Yeah, little too late for that info for me but mayhaps it will help someone else. Instead, it’s getting a cotton backing in Aqua. Which actually works better anyways, seeings how it’s Bub’s favorite color and matches the thread I am using perfectly! So that choice is now a “Design Element” and it’s win-win. ^_^ Here is half done:


I love how the meander just seems to fit no matter what ya throw it on! Once ya get ya groove on, it really does stitch fast, and that’s another bonus in my book. Here’s another little thing I love about the meander:


Do ya see it? The quilt is the Thousand Pyramid design and this little guy just appeared during the mindless quilting. I think he fits in just fine myself, since people built the Pyramids. LOL!! I just love all the little shapes meandering makes, you really don’t know how it’s gonna come out or what’s gonna show up in your mindless motions. I have found some atomic clouds, a few dinosaurs roaming around and even a cow looking shape! I always hope the recipient has as much fun as I do when noticing these shapes. This one has some words thrown in as well, “love mom” “October 2013″ & “For Tristan”. It will get a label when finished but just in case that ever comes off, it’s still in the quilting. :-)

As a side note here: the best benefit to free-motion quilting I have found yet..: You really can “quilt out” a LOT of the wonkiness or extra poof that keeps your top from laying flat! I swear, it’s totally true. I don’t like triangles or diamonds for this very reason, they NEVER lay flat for me. Until I get them quilted, that is.

I have been working very hard to get a sweater crocheted for myself. Now this is not as much fun as making afghans since I never did much with making clothes but the pieces do look pretty close to the pics in the book. Must be doing okay there, eh? LoL! I have the back and the right front done but put it down for a few days to regather myself. Then, the other night I started a lacy top using crochet thread size 10 and a 0 steel hook. I must say, this one is loads easier to work and I am having fun again. Plus, it’s worked in one piece so not a lot of joins or shaping like the sweater. Yay, lol.

This little guy just cracks me up! He was in here last night while I was working and he says: “gramma, are you working or arting?” I just laughed and told him I was working this time. In Chunky-speak, working=quilting and arting=crocheting. Where on Earth he picked up “arting”, I haven’t a clue but that’s what he calls it. This was the scene I witnessed while repairing a broken needle a few days ago:



This little guy is silly as can be! Here he was, just chillin & watching gramma’s tv while I was working. I asked him how that could be comfy but he assured me he was most definitely comfortable, and then told me to just go back to work cause he couldn’t hear the machine working any more. LoL!

Which is what I should be doing now actually. HA! I hear him a-coming now so I best get to it before he gets on me again. Happy Quilting everyone!!










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