A much needed vacation!


Well, it was sure hard coming back to OKC after spending 3 days in southeastern Missouri, I can tell ya that! So calm and peaceful there, I have found the place I’m going to end up in, that’s for sure. The views are spectacular, the people so nice and polite, I just couldn’t imagine a better place to live life. Having kin there is an added bonus, as there is always someone to visit with. I had a grand time visiting with my grandparents and even an uncle, spent most of the time talking quilting and crocheting with my grandmother actually. She sent me home with all kinds of goodies too! Lots of mags and books on quilting and crocheting, all of which she’s had since the 60-70s. I just love getting hold of them old patterns and techniques, I have spent the last 3 days just looking through them over and over again. After collecting quite a few books and mags myself, I do have to say… You just can’t find this older stuff, anywhere! Let alone the techniques and patterns/designs they used to use. I just love love LOVE it!!

Here’s a bonus she sent me home with:



12 of these basket blocks she had hand-pieced back in 1963! It’s hard to see but she did date this one in the upper left hand solid patch. She says she had to shelve this project due to running out of the green polka dot. She has been searching for more of it all these years but has yet to find it again. So I inherited these blocks to finish as I want. I am thinking maybe sashing them in the a vintage red or possibly yellow and then quilting it simply. Just to keep her blocks the focal point. Whatcha think?

She also sent these with me:


Now there are only 3 of these and I have no idea what the pattern is but they do measure 20 1/2″ each. So I am thinking of making 3 pillows, one for each of my kids, out of them to pass down something of their Great-Grandma’s. Neat huh? I think so. She’s pretty sure she hand pieced these back in the 60s as well.

Lastly, but definitely not least, she told me to do what I want with these as she just didn’t like how they were turning out so she scrapped that project. They were originally appliqued by hand, she does all her piecing by hand even now, to a square of muslin(in the late 60′s/early 70s) but she just cut the muslin off, thinking she would use them somewhere else. 


I adore these blocks and her choice of colors. It is an added bonus, for me, that the fabrics are actually the remains of my 2 aunts and my moms old school dresses. Well, not the muslin grandma says. I am very excited about doing something with these but not sure which way to go yet. Still working that out but, hopefully it will be something I can spread out to my cousins as there are 5 of us between the 3 girls and 15 of these flowers to work with. That’s if they even want any of them, I don’t know but I reckon I should probably find out, huh? I wonder if mom remembers which fabrics were whose..? Hmm.

So, as I’m sure ya can imagine, I have loads of new and fresh ideas to play with and simply not enough time! I told Rob on the trip back that I definitely must live to be like 150 now. I just have to, there’s no other way to get done what I want to get done in less than that!! LoL Gotta love this crazy life, eh?

Hope ya enjoy whatever projects ya work on, Happy Quilting!



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  1. what a great way to spend time with your grandma!! Lucky ladies, both of you. I love those blocks! I agree with you, set those baskets with yellow sashing; then build some borders to frame them all. You will be surprised how far you can stretch the few blocks you have. Treat yourself to some nice = really nice – batting and backing; and be sure to label with both your name & grandma’s too! I think you are right about the blue & white making into pillowtops. Now, those flowers…I see them appliqued to something nice and arranged in the shape of a wreath or circle. Would make nice pillows as well. What great memories your grandma has made with you!

  2. I am in awe of your new treasures! They are gorgeous and your thoughts on how to do them proud are great. The pillow idea is a good one…….something that really can be useful. Love the flowers and the little story behind their making. Happy sewing…….hugs……

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