I’m back!


Boy, did I miss all this! After a lengthy internet hiatus, I am back online and ready to get y’all up to speed with what I’ve been doing these last months.


First up is this original design, by me, made for a precious bundle that arrived 6 weeks early!! Congrats to my “baby” cousin and her hubby on the birth of their daughter!! She sure is a sweet lil angel. This quilt is called Tummy Time and was free-motion quilted on a domestic Brother.

I always make baby/toddler quilts in vivid colors with lots going on. I find them more stimulating than the traditional ones but, that’s just my preference.

Next up is a surprise quilt made for my very dear friend and self-adopted “Lil Sis”. I think this one had been shown in progress some time ago, either here or on FB maybe..? Anywho, here it is… alas, no title:


This one was free-motion quilted on Old Bessie and helped as far as gaining experience on this old machine.

This last one is a pattern from the early 80s and was made on my 1895 treadle. Since finishing this one I have decided I love that old girl and I am always gonna have something traditional going on her. Right now she is piecing a double Irish chain in fall colors for the parents of my sons fiancee. The piecing is fabulous, for me, and I just can’t get that “perfection” on any of my other machines! Old Bessie and I have also come to an understanding when it comes to smooth quilting, I can proudly say now. She got some much needed TLC and a few more thread guides and I spent 6 hrs loading and unloading, then re-loading this quilt on her ( I reckon I had went too long between quilts there, forgot how to load her properly!), she was purring like a kitten and quilted it smooth as silk! Of course, 4 hrs of messing with the tension in both upper and lower threads did pay off: 3 1/2 hrs & 9 bobbins later, the quilt was quilted with ZERO thread-breaks and absolutely no problems/issues/ NADA! It was truly an awesome feeling, I tell ya. Nothing beats that feeling of complete competence in yourself and skills/talents, nothing! ¬†With all that said, I give you “Camp Quilt- a Treadle project”.



Now I know it’s hard to tell but this is queen-size and does lay totally flat. Pic is fuzzy and my cam stinks but I am still proud of it. (The quilt that is ) I did use a panto for this one, Wish Bone according to the label, with white thread and the backing is also solid white. Mountain Mist batting was used, for the first time by me, and I was not any more impressed by it than I am when using batting Wal-Mart carries, to be honest. But, again, to each their own.

That’s one of the greatest joys of quilting, for me. SO many choices and options for any one person to use or choose from.




Now, I am off to gather more pics for another entry in a few days. I will show ya what I am up to, hopefully with a pic of a finished (fingers crossed here) silk quilt that has been in progress for over 2 years! I have the center done, just need to get the borders going. I have struggled with this one on so many levels and have reached only one conclusion: Any thing slick is HORRID to work with!! Grrr! I must admit though, the sheen is amazing and will make it worth the struggle. I hope. However, I will surely be glad to just get it done and out of here. It’s not all silks, there are satin’s/sateen’s (?) and some other very slickery materials in it that just make it a “not very nice” project. LoL!

Til then, Happy Quilting!!


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  1. That should be ….. keep up the good work!

    And my email address was spelled wrong. Sorry about the mistakes in my previous comment

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